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Seneca Christmas Parade
Seneca Christmas Parade

An 8 minute, video tour of
Seneca from 1906
using a virtual model designed by
Patrick Roeder. Narrated by George Allgood.
Courtesy of the Oconee Heritage Center.
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Ram Cat Alley FlagThe charming town of Seneca SC sits at the south end of Lake Keowee. It’s a thriving mini-metropolis providing services, shopping and entertainment without traffic jams or congestion. The influx of new people and businesses gives Seneca a robust economy and a delightful mix of southern hospitality and cosmopolitan flare.

The shopping includes national chains such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sears, Belks and Walgreen’s. And boutique shops are tucked here and there

Ram Cat Alley Seneca SC

throughout Seneca with a number of them on Ram Cat Alley in historic downtown Seneca. Named after all the cats that use to follow carts heaped with ice and fish from the train station to the grocers two blocks away, people use to say "you can't ram another cat into the ally!" or so the story goes. Today Ram Cat Alley is quaint, unique and a great place to find that special something.

Picture of Diners at resturant
Dining comes in every form in Seneca – fast food, great barbeque, Mexican, Italian, Asian, seafood, steak and more. And after dinner, there’s always entertainment available – Seneca has an 8-plex cinema

Oconee Community Theaterand the Oconee Community Theatre puts on numerous excellent productions each year. Down the road, at Clemson University, the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts showcases music and theatre productions from across the United States.

As the largest city in Oconee County, Seneca offers a complete selection of banking and business services. And the building boom means there are quality construction services available ranging from architecture to contractors to suppliers.

Seneca is home to a variety of church congregations and denominations that always welcome visitors. They have a reputation for extending a warm welcome and helping new arrivals get acquainted and acclimated to the area.

Oconee County Hospital is located in Seneca and has invested heavily in upgrading and establishing quality health care for an expanding population. There is a complete array of specialists and services available when needed.

Some people have likened Seneca and Oconee County to what Hilton Head or Lake Tahoe were like 20 years ago: all the beauty of nature close at hand, and quality services and conveniences readily available, but without the congestion. Couple that with great weather – four seasons with none of them lasting too long – and it makes for one terrific place to live, work and play.